A Corny Concerto

“Gweetings, music wovers.”

Its a parody of fantasia which is one of the finiset films ever. So what would a looney tune based on it be? About 629087356.5 times better! Our host is Elmer (as Deems Taylor) and he lets us know the first segment will be “Tales from the Vienna woods” (all the while his dickie is giving him problems) It is a classic tale of a hunter going after bugs. Since elmer is on host duty its none other than porky who takes on the job. (one of the very few times Porky appeared on screen with bugs, 1 out of 3 i believe) Porky’s dog finds bugs and learns that this will not be so easy. Porky and the dog dive into a bush which bugs is hiding in and soon bugs tosses their gun away. It lands in a tree infuriating a squirrel who takes aim and fires. The three hold their chests assuming the worst. Porky and the dog turn out to be fine but when bugs peeks he passes out. Porky and the dog try to get his hands open to see the wound and instead find a BRA! Bugs screams places the brassiere on the two boobs heads and dances into the sunset. Elmer informs us that the next segment will be “The Blue Danube” (as his pants fall down now) It is a tale of the ugly duckling. This time however its really a duckling. A baby Daffy to be precise. (there you have it clampett created baby looney tunes) He wants to join a family of swans but the mother refuses. The family is spotted by a vulture who decides to have the cygnets for brunch. (he doesn’t want daffy either) The mother swan passes out when she finds out and daffy flies to their resuce. He knocks the vulture out and hands him tnt which kills him. (i’ve seen this part on an episode of Bill Nye) Daffy is now excepted as part of the swans family and swims with them. (His reflection crashes into a tree) This is also one of the few Looney tune/ Brawl videos that the cheetoh woman made. Starring kirby as porky, wolf as his dog, mario as bugs, pikachu as the squirrel, zelda as bugs in drag, peach as the mother swan, 3 pits as the cygnets, luigi as daffy, falco as the vulture but instead of wario being elmer as usual hes represented by toon link. (but its so awesome who cares)

Personal Rating: 5

Book Revue

“It’s Frankie!”

Warner bros. did alot of cartoons where books come to life and this may be their finest. (it was clampett after all) It’s midnight and all things literature have sprung to life. A cherokee strip causes the sea wolf to howl and the complete works of shakspeare to go haywire. Henry VIII wants to join in but is called back by his mother of the aldrich family and she spanks him, only stopping then she sees frank sinatra whose voice makes all the little women faint and mother goose to go crazy. This goes into a musical number. Daffy jumps off a looney tunes comic book and tells them to shut up. Getting some clothes of the sartoga trunk he dresses as Danny Kaye and sings his own song. He warns little red riding hood about the wolf and only just realizes his leg being salted. (in a blink and you’ll miss it scene daffy becomes a giant eye, this gag would be reused in tiny toons as a disease called clampettitus) He hides in the petrified forest while the long arm of the law throws the wolf into jail for life. (magazine) he easily breaks free but ends up falling down skid row alomst right into Dante’s Inferno. He nearly escapes but sinatra makes him fall back in. In celebration everyone dances and has a good time… before the wolf tells them to knock it off.

Personal Rating: 4 (Just barely misses the 5 mark. I wouldn’t fault you for thinking it ranks higher.)

Porky In Wackyland

“Ex-tree! Ex-tree! Porky off on dodo hunt!”

This.. is my favorite cartoon ever! is it the humor? the sureality? the b/w charm? whatever it is its great and thats why it shares this sites name. Like its successor in this cartoon porky is off to find the last of the dodo birds. its worth a lot of money. He arrives at the best place ever. Wackyland! while searching porky sees many of the denizens. (look! bob clampett created catdog) amidst the confusion he finds the bird of his dreams and the chase is on. The bird is tricky and porky has to disguise himself to get his hands on him. He captures it but the dodo reveals something about himself. He may be the last of his species but hes not the last of his kind.

Personal Rating: 5

The Great Piggy bank Robbery

“Fantastic and furthermore its unbelieva…ble!”

Daffy waits for his mail (to the tune of powerhouse, and he even says thufferin thuccotash one of two times i can recall) his patientince is rewarded with a new dick tracy comic book. He eagerly pours over each exciting panel and wishes he could be the man he admires. he accidently knocks himself out and imagines that scenario. Duck twacy (daffy) is getting numerous phone calls about missing piggy banks he dismisses it as small stuff until he realizes his was stolen too. He immediatley gets to the gangsters hideout (porky cameo) and is met by the worst of the worst including: mouseman, pumpkin head, pussycat puss, batman, 88 teeth, neon noodle, double header, and wolf man. the chase is on (hey look theres an original tracy villan flattop) daffy makes pies out of pumpkin head and is tackled by most of the others his body parts squirm out and he murders them with a tommy gun. Neon noodle tries to get him but hes turned into an “eat at joes sign”. Daffy finds the stolen goods and kisses the bank thats his. He then wakes up to find himself kissing a sow.

Personal Rating: 5

Kitty Kornered

“I hate p-p-p-p-p-pussy cats.”

About time i talked about the great and hilarious Porky! its nine o clock and everyone is putting their cat out. porky has 4. a kitten, a midget cat, a drunk cat, and sylvester. (dont let the yellow eyes and black nose fool you its him) however they have no intent on being outside and they toss porky out. they decide to party with cigars, wine, and chocolates when porky re enters. he chases them and at one point pulls sylvester off a moose head and pulling out a full moose. porky gets rid of them by using a shadow puppet of his dog and they flee. sylvester comes up with a plan and they don martian get ups to scare porky out into the snow. the pig asks the audience if they know of any houses to rent.

Personal Rating: 4

Tweetie Pie

“I tawt I taw a putty tat”

This is it! this is THE cartoon. what is THE cartoon? this is the first looney tune that won an oscar. (ironicly tom and jerry had been winning oscars why? are tom and jerry better looney tunes? fun fact: no they are not) In fact in this cartoon sylvester is called thomas oh and this is the canary and putty tat’s first time together. It’s winter and tweety is out warming himself by a cigar butt. thomas (sylvester) grabs him and almost immediately gets caught by his owner. She takes tweety in and puts him in a cage warning the cat to leave him alone. when shes gone sylvester builds a stack of furniture that tweety chops down. (the owner hits sylvester with a broom) He builds one out of metal furniture and tweety uses a blowtorch to destroy it. (he gets hit with the broom again) at one point he has tweety in a glass so tweety cant call for help. so he pokes sylvester with a pin and the owner throws him out. after failing to get in through the fireplace, and a rube golberg device doesnt work, he saws the area around the cage which brings the whole celing down. sylvester throws the broom in the fire only to get hit by a shovel wielded by tweety.

Personal Rating: 3

The Dover Boys at Pimento University or the rivals of roquefort hall

“Hark! The Dover Boys.”

I used to think this one was underrated and unknown by extension, but apparently I was (happily) mistaken. The title characters did appear in “Space Jam”, and “Wakkos Wish”. Dan’s hilarious outbursts make wonderful memes (Better than that “chungus” crap That scene was already funny. It didn’t need any help.)

At good old P.U. (Pimento University) the most popular boys are the Dover boys (based on the “Rover Boys” series of books) As we pan over to them, we see a sailor guy. Pay attention to him, we’ll see him again. The boys are going to play hide and seek with THEIR finance Dora Stanpipe. (I guess they are polygamous? I suppose if it’s good enough for them…)

On their way to the park they pass a bar where inside their nemesis Dan Backslide, lurks. He loves Dora…s father’s money and despises the Dover boys. He watches them (and the sailor) walk by, and seethes. During their game, the boys decide to hide in a place where they won’t be found… the bar!

Realizing that Dora is alone, Dan kidnaps her, but Dora (and the sailor) are spotted by the boys and they rush (freeze) to her rescue. While she screams for help, she pummels Dan and soon he is yelling for help too! The boys finally arrive, and only end up knocking themselves out, Dora leaves with the sailor.

P.S. the narrator in this short, is the same narrator who was with Goofy in those “How to” cartoons Disney made

Personal Rating: 4 (But don’t be too surprised if you don’t enjoy it as much as you should be on your first viewing. Like many a work of art, it takes time to be appreciated)

Little Red Riding Rabbit

“Hey grandma! That’s an awfully big nose for you… ta have!”

Just like the story, we open with Red going to her grandma’s house. She is an annoying, loud, bobbysoxer, who is obsessed with getting the story right. She is going to give her grandma a rabbit and as to be expected, a wolf makes it there first. (Grandma is not home)

When Red arrives, the wolf kicks her out because all he wants is the rabbit. He chases Bugs through a great gag involving lots of doors. After this, Bugs decides to be helpful and show where he is hiding. Throughout this whole cartoon, Red keeps coming in to say her lines only for the wolf to throw her out again.

In the climax, the wolf is dangling over a pan of hot coals, and just as Bugs is about to make him fall, Red comes in again. Fed up, Bugs switches her with the wolf. Now the two are pals. It looks like a beginning to a beautiful friendship.

Personal Rating: 4

Gorilla my Dreams

“I ain’t an ape, I’m a rabbit”

Sorry for lack of update. Went to Disneyland. (What? Looney Tunes fanboys can enjoy it too.)

Back in full swing now. (pun intended) We see Bugs in a barrel boat. How did he get here? Who knows, who cares, enjoy the cartoon already, you moron. The current is carrying him to the island of Bingzi Bangza which is home to ferocious apes. However, they seem to be good parents. One couple has no children to the dismay of the mother. (This being her and her husband’s first appearance)

The father wants no kids, so she heads out to sob. But while she is crying, she finds Bugs. She adopts him (he only agrees to make her stop crying) and takes him home to meet his father. Deciding to do the “little” one in. He takes him out for a walk, where Bugs almost immediately catches on. A lovely chase scene (with Raymond Scott’s “Dinner music for a pack of hungry cannibals” is playing) climaxes with Bugs trapped against a cliff. He allows Gruesome to pound him but the big brute can’t. He’s too worn out from chasing him.

Personal Rating: 3

The Big Snooze

“I get the worst of it from that wabbit in every one of these cartoons!”

Judging by the title, you’d think this is one boring cartoon. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is a Bob Clampett cartoon after all! Sadly it is the last one he directed before he left the studio to do his own things.

As usual, Elmer is chasing Bugs. After falling for a log gag that Bugs used in a earlier cartoon (one of the censored eleven) Elmer gets fed up. This is the last straw and he is calling it quits. Bugs tries to get him to reconsider, but Elmer has made up his mind. Deciding to just relax and fish, Elmer falls asleep. This is Bugs’ chance!

He takes some sleeping pills and proceeds to invade Elmer’s dream. After tormenting him a bit, he dresses Fudd up like a girl. This attracts some wolves who can’t wait to get their paws on him. Bugs helps him escape but in doing so, leads Fudd off a cliff. He falls out of the dream and back into his body. Glad to rid of the nightmare he goes back to chasing Bugs for all eternity. With such a great cartoon as this, it makes one wonder what Bob could have created if he stayed with the WB.

Personal Rating: 4