Puddy Tat Twouble

“This is what I get for dweaming of a white Christmas.”

This short starts with Tweety singing his theme song. After the intro, we see it’s winter and Tweety has been spotted by Sylvester and an orange cat. They both grab the bird, but there is not enough for the both of them. They fight and eventually end up in a basement. Tweety sees a toy dunking bird and mistaking it for a real bird, tries to make friends, Orange makes the same mistake and eats the toy.

The two putty tats fight and they end up outside again. They see a hole near a sign that says “thin ice,” with Tweety’s hat beside it. In reality he is picking a circle around the cats and they fall in the water. (“thin ice,” my butt.) We end with the cats both suffering from colds. Probably dreaming of the cream of Tweety they don’t have.

Personal Rating: 3

Kit for Cat

“Baby kittens are so cute”

It is a cold night and Sylvester and a little kitten seek shelter in Elmer’s house. He says he would like a cat, but can not decide which one to keep. Deciding to sleep on it, Sylvester decides to use this time to plot on how to screw the little one over. He pours milk over it and breaks the bottle causing Fudd to run down. The plan backfires when Elmer just thinks the kitten is hungry and gives it more food. Sylvester tries to make it look like it broke some dishes, but as Fudd runs downstairs the kitten starts gluing them back together. Sylvester begins breaking them again only for Elmer to see him.

Soon, Elmer says that one more sound and Sylvester will be kicked out. The kitten tries to make as much noise as possible. Elmer says he has made up his mind about who’s leaving, and so has his landlord. In the end Elmer is with the cats in the alley looking through the trash. (Fun fact: the landlords message is a bunch of gibberish followed by the sentence: “In other words: get out!”)

Personal Rating: 3

Canary Row

“Dat putty’s gonna hurt himself if he’s not more careful.”

In a birdwatchers society, Sylvester is spying on Tweety. Seeing the cat through his own binoculars, Tweety is well aware of what’s to come. Sylvester runs into the opposite building, but is kicked out as dogs and cats are not allowed in. He tries climbing a drain pipe but Granny throws him down. (In this short, she is voiced by Bea Bennadaret.) He tries again climbing in the pipe, but Tweety throws a bowling ball down. He tries a monkey disguise that does not fool the old lady. Then he somehow sneaks in and hears Granny saying she is checking out. (But it’s an apartment.) He disguises himself as a bellboy to get her luggage but when he opens the cage, he finds Granny in there.

Apparently, she was not leaving, as Sylvester is still trying to break in. He uses a lever and tosses a weight on the other end. It bounces him up, and he grabs Tweety, but upon landing the weight lands on his head. Swinging over just makes him crash into the wall. Finally, he tries to get over by crawling over an electric wire. A trolley comes along, which repeatedly shocks him. As he runs off, we see it’s Granny and Tweety piloting the trolley.

Personal Rating: 3

The Scarlet Pumpernickel

“I’m simply furious!”

If there’s one thing I love, it’s seeing a whole lot of cartoon characters that aren’t usually together, together. That’s why I love this cartoon. It has a great cast: Porky, Daffy, Sylvester, Ma Bear, Henery hawk, and Elmer Fudd. (Interestingly, Fudd was voiced by Mel Blanc, I have no idea why) The humor here doesn’t disappoint either. Its just as funny as any other Looney Tune.

I think I’ve talked about greedy Daffy enough. Its time I moved to my favorite version of him, Daffy Daffy!

Personal Rating: 4

Scaredy Cat

“Welcome to our new home, Sylvester”

Yeah, I probably should have talked about the putty tat before this, but it can wait for another time. This happens to be the first time the name was used. Porky and Sylvester were great together and this is no exception. We find them in a house that’s full of mice that want to kill them for no apparent reason. Sylvester must protect the clueless Porky from all the dangers. It’s always nice to see a time where Sylvester is not a bully or an idiot. Here he’s a coward who just wants to protect his master and his own skin. This is my favorite role for him.

Personal Rating: 4