Bah, Humduck! (A Looney Tunes Christmas)

“What do I look like, an ATM?”

Merry Christmas to all who visit my humble blog! With Christmas nearby, it is time to talk about this direct to DVD movie.

It starts with our narrator, Bugs Bunny. He declares that even though rabbits are associated with Easter, he still loves Christmas. (Besides, remember the last Easter we saw Bugs? That’d sour anyone’s mood.) He is nearly hit by a limo. The owner of said limo? Daffy Duck. Owner of the Luckyduck Superstore. He has an awesome hover scooter, and not one speck of generosity. He refuses to help a poor, homeless, (Playboy) penguin, and steals the generosity bucket of carolers Egghead Jr., Henrey Hawk, Barnyard Dawg as a puppy for some reason, (?) and Priscilla Pig. (more on this cutie, later.)

Daffy has many employees working at his store. Including Sam Sheepdog, Miss Prissy, Charlie Dog, the Three Bears, a security guard (Gossamar) who is sitting on Santa (Cecil) Turtle’s lap, Foghorn Leghorn, Slowpoke Rodriguez, Claude Cat, Hubie and Bertie, Mac and Tosh, Beaky Buzzard, Hippitey Hopper, and  a (Pete) Puma janitor. (Just like his role in “Tiny Toon Aventures”!) He also has some employees with a bit more personality. Including Elmer Fudd, who works very hard, and is exhausted. Wile E. Coyote, who is constantly hungry, Marvin the Martian who is homesick and wishes to return home for the holidays, (Martian Christmas?) Speedy Gonazales who does wrapping, Pepe Le Pew, who tries to get to know a shopper who looks just like a skunk, (No really. Penelope just has a stripe.) and my man, Porky Pig, his assisstant manager. Whom Daffy shortly demotes to assisstant-assissant manager.

Bugs warns him that greedy people tend to get visited by Christmas ghosts. Daffy has no worry and heads to his office. There, he is visited by his idol, Sylvester the (Cat) Investor. He was the greediest person around, before he was murdered. Daffy now has that title, and is being warned that he must change his ways. He may be spooked, but Daffy is sure this is a prank, and pays it little heed.

After being visited by Bugs again, (He was searching for cheap skates, and was directed up here.) he gets a passage delivered by a Roadrunner. (I have no idea if he is an employee or not.) It is a gift Daffy sent to himself, a godly remote that can do just about anything for his office. His employees then come asking for favors, but are all snubbed. Porky just wants to have Christmas off so he can spend time with his daughter, Priscilla. (Now let me just say, that she is ADORABLE! Tara Strong really knows how to bring in a cuter than cute performance.)  Daffy refuses and demands that everyone come in at 5:00 AM the next day. (Where else are the last minute Kwanzaa shoppers supposed to go?) Everyone leaves discouraged.

Bugs is still there with Daffy as the exits are covered in snow. Daffy demands they separate and soon after, is visited by the ghost of Christmas past. Or rather ghosts. Granny and Tweety take Daffy back to his past, and we see how hard his childhood was. He lived at an orphanage, and was never adopted. Morons. Why wouldn’t you want to adopt the world’s funniest duck? (I said FUNNIEST, not most popular. And for that matter where is that swan? She took him in only to leave him behind?) This does little to change his ways and Daffy just wants to use their powers “Back to the Future 2” style to get more money. He is sent back to the store.

The ghost of Christmas present is played by… Yosemite Sam? I think you could have chosen a better character for that. Maybe switch with Sylvester? Anyways, he shows Daffy how hard his employees lives really are. Another adorable scene shows, that Priscilla wants two things for Christmas, a doll, and for her daddy to spend it with her. (Too. Cute.  Daffy is not convinced quite yet, and just begs Bugs to hide him from the promised third ghost, once he returns.

They reenact “Tom Turk and Daffy” but ultimately Daffy is taken away by the ghost of Christmas future, the Tasmanian Devil. He sees his grave, and learns that his employees are out of jobs, because he tried to will the store to himself. Porky remarks that at least he and Priscilla can spend Christmas together. (I meant she with Porky! She didn’t die yet, sickos!) Being an angel anyway, she leaves some cookies on Daffy’s resting place, (which look hilarious, since they look like him) and wishes him luck, since she knows he’s not in heaven. (*Laughing* Best joke right there!)

Daffy finally resolves to change his ways and the next morning, gives everyone a paid vacation, as well as a rocket home for Marvin, and a personal chef for Wile. (Francois from “French Rarebit”) Even Pepe gets a kiss from Penelope. (Her choice even! She wasn’t bribed!) Daffy sees how much his generosity is going to cost him, and briefly tries to take it all back. That’s when Priscilla offers him a hilarious looking cookie, and calls him “Uncle”. (I wish she’d do that to me.) Daffy remains generous to the delight of Bugs and the ghosts. We end with Priscilla saying our “That’s all Folks!” (Did i mention how adorable she is?)

Overall this short, is nothing grand, but if you are a Looney Tunes fan, you’ll enjoy it.

Personal Rating: 2 for the common folk, 3 for the Looney-tics.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit part 2

This time I am discussing my opinion on the movie. To be fair, it is my favorite Disney film. It has great humor, a wonderful story, and wonderful characters. (Even though many of them were pre-existing.) Valiant is a great hero. I like how he seems like a typical tough guy, but underneath that he is very sweet and funny.

Jessica’s character is also fantastic. Unlike every other male on the planet, I don’t find her hot. (Never been one for the large lidded lounge lizard look. Plus, she’s married.) I like how she looks like your typical slut/goldigger, but instead truly loves her husband. I also think that it is creative for her and Roger to be married despite how different they are. It’s a good message of love prevailing.

Judge Doom was awesome. It is pretty obvious from the get go, that he is the villain, (No protagonist could murder such an adorable shoe.) but I’m sure nobody saw that twist about him at the end. That was awesome too awesome for me to spoil here.

But the absolute best thing about the movie though, has to be the fact that all cartoons are fair game. W.B. Disney. M.G.M. Paramount. So many greats all appear and that is the greatest thing for a cartoon lover ever. We love to see all our favorites together. Will they ever make a sequel? I’m doubtful, but I hope so. Even if it sucks, I’m sure I’ll see it as many times as possible. It would just be a shame almost none of the original cast would be there.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

What? Sure its a Disney movie, but if you know that, than I am quite certain you know that a few  Looney Tunes were actually allowed to cameo in it. I am not going to describe the plot, though, because if you have not seen this movie you should be ashamed. If you haven’t seen it and call yourself an animation lover, (Such as myself,) then rectify your crime immediately. It won’t be a regret.  What I am going to do is just point out the Looney Tunes I saw. If you have seen more please let me know. (I’m noting the character’s actual appearances. Passing mentions and still pictures aren’t fun to find. No mention of the infamous deleted funeral scene either. Just thinking about what could have been makes me cry.)

At Maroon studios: Bugs is hard to spot, but as Valiant strolls through the lot, right before the scene changes to the entrance, you can spot him. He’s on the left of the screen. Then, when the scene changes, you can see the Dodo walking into the studio. He is in his “Dough for the Do-do” color scheme.

At the ink and paint club: The infamous scene where Donald and Daffy duel with pianos. (Playing my favorite music piece, no less.)

Near the Acme factory: Yosemite Sam flies out of Toontown

Toontown: Tweety and Bugs are here. It’s hard to miss them. Wile E. and the Roadrunner can be more difficult, though. Don’t blink as Valiant ascends in the elevator. Their silhouettes, and by extension bodies, can be seen.

Ending: You can see Bugs, Daffy, Yosemite Sam, Tweety, the Roadrunner, Wile E Coyote, Foghorn, Marvin, Sylvester, Speedy, and Sam sheepdog. And of course what kid of movie would it be if it did not end with Porky saying “That’s all Folks!”

Yes I know that Wile E. and the Roadrunner, Speedy, Sam Sheepdog, and Marvin were not around at the time this movie takes place, but if you are going to complain about that, then you should also complain that all the flags in the movie have 50 stars. As for the Looney Tunes vocals,  they were still provided by Mel Blanc. Except for Yosemite Sam, but that is forgivable as Blanc was aging at this time, and he could not yell like he used to.

Personal Rating: 5

Space Jam Part 2

Yeah, I already talked about this, but I did not say everything I wanted to.

To start, let’s talk about what about this movie I don’t like. I never liked the part when the blue mon-star scared Porky and caused him to pee. Looney tunes can do better than toilet humor. I mean, sure, they did it in earlier cartoons, but it was subtle. Nice and subtle. It also does not help that Porky is my favorite character.

Another part I don’t really like (Which is really personal and petty, I’m aware) is when after losing his talent Charles Barkley plays with some girls (I think) and since his talent is gone, they insult him to his face. That is way too rude. I would have killed them. Also I don’t get this part, but when Bill Murray appears at the end of the film to help with the game, Swackhammer says “I didn’t know Dan Ackroyd was in this picture!” Am I missing something? Does Bill get mistaken for him a lot?

Here’s another interesting bit of trivia: the gym the Tunes practice at is called Scheslinger gym. (A nod to the man who helped get Looney Tunes started) Also, if you like “The Simpsons” (and there was a moment when everyone did) you can find Dan Castatanella at the first game. He is the one who claims “Barkley is killing us!”

Finally, I made a list of every Looney Tune character I could find in this movie. There may be more. If you can name any, I somehow missed, let me know. Now in no particular order, there was: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Lola Bunny, Porky Pig, the Tasmanian Devil, Foghorn Leghorn, Sylvester, Tweety, Granny, Hubie and Bertie, the Goofy Gophers, the Three Bears, Angus MacRory, (the Scotsman from “My Bunny Lies Over the Sea“) the Bull, (from “Bully for Bugs“) Gossamar, Beaky Buzzard, the Barnyard Dog, Yosemite Sam, Wile E. Coyote, the Roadrunner, Witch Hazel, Curt and Pumkinhead Martin (from “Hillbilly Hare”), the Gambling BugO’Pat and O’Mike, Playboy Penguin, Egghead Jr., Marvin the Martain, Speedy Gonzales, Slowpoke Rodriguez, Sniffles, Pepe Le Pew, Penelope Pussycat, Spike and Chester, Sam Sheepdog, the Crusher, Giovanni Jones, Pete Puma, Miss Prissy, Charlie Dog, Buddy, Sylvester Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Gruesome Gorilla, Rocky and Mugsy, Marc Antony and Pussyfoot, Claude Cat, Beans, Kitty, Ham or Ex, Petunia Pig, Bosko, Michigan J. Frog, the tired man from “A Pest in the House”, Cecil Tortoise, the Three Little Bops and the Wolf, the Dover Boys, the Weasel from a few “Foghorn cartoons”, Red from “Little Red Riding Rabbit”, K-9, and Henery Hawk.

Space Jam

“You guys are nuts.”

“Correction, we’re Looney Tunes”

I love this movie, but then again, I am a Looney Tunes fanboy. It’s sad most of the world seems to hate it. I think that is bull crap. This is a masterpiece if ever there was one. At least it did great at the box office.

The history is that people made commercials with Bugs and Michael Jordan advertising basketball shoes. So they figured making a movie was a good idea. (I think it was.) Our plot is that a theme park in outer space, (it is not specified which planet, but I think the whole park is its own planet) sucks. (How can people say that? Didn’t you ever want to ride an Astro-orbiter wannabe that shoots at you? Oh yeah, me neither) The owner decides they need new attractions and figures that the Looney Tunes are just the thing. I’d come.

However, Bugs tricks them into thinking they need to give the toons a chance to defend themselves. Since the aliens are short and have tiny limbs, basketball seems like a shoe in. However the aliens have the ability to steal the ability from five NBA players. Luckily, Jordan was retired at this time. So they don’t nab him. The toons get him for their side and we get the greatest game in all history!

This also introduced us to Lola. She did not have much of a personality in this movie, save for being someone for Bugs to be attracted to. Seems she was popular though, as she appeared in “Baby Looney Tunes”, “Tweety’s High Flying Adventure”, and “The Looney Tunes Show.”

Bottom line if you hate this you have no taste and at the very least you have to watch it once. (There must be more who love this, I know it!) “Tune” in next time where I will name all the Looney Tunes who appear in the film as well as some interesting facts. Woo hoo hoo hoo! Woo hoo!

Personal Rating: 3. (Unless you’re one of those people who can’t stand anything Looney that came out after the Golden age. For you, it’s a 2.)

Triple feature: Blooper Bunny, My Dream is Yours, Two Guys from Texas

“Gosh, I’m so unimportant.”

Everyone loves triple features right? The first one was for Bugs’ fifty first and a half birthday so its kinda after the time of the classic shorts. The other two both came out in 1949. Bugs made cameos in these movies. As for “Blooper Bunny” it’s possibly one of the funniest thing I ever saw. Sorry to leave you with so little info, but I really want you to experience it for yourself.

Personal Rating: (Blooper Bunny) 4

Personal Rating: (My dream is yours) 3

Personal Rating: (Two guys from Texas) 2