Rabbit Seasoning

“I would just love a duck dinner”

#2 of the hunting trilogy, i love this cartoon simply for its wonderful wordplay, bugs can get daffy to shoot himself. The story is simple Elmer is out hunting rabbits because its rabbit season. (or is it?) Daffy leads him to bugs and hilarity ensues. You really have to watch this one to fully appreciate it words don’t do it justice.

Baseball Bugs

“I’m only 93 and a half years old”


Its a baseball game and its pretty one sided. The teatotelers are against the gas house gorrillas and are being pwned. Spectater bugs yells that he could beat the gorrillas all by himself and they take him up on the challenge. Bugs proves to be very good at this and is able to win the game.(With a little help from the statue of liberty) This was the first looney tune i watched when i started to become a regular. It must have been fate as i find this to be one of the best bugs bunny shorts ever. There are many great gags like the literal bat boy, the hit thats so hard it sends a gorrilla to his grave, or the miss liberty saying the immortal words” Thats what the man said, you heard what he said, he said that!”

Bugs Bunny

Well how would you start a website about looney tunes?

Bugs got his start in the 1938 short “Porky’s Hare Hunt”. Here he was just a prototype and as such he had a completely different voice and a laugh that i find hysterical. However many people did not find it very well made because it was essentialy just a remake of the short “Porky’s duck hunt”. (if you guessed that, that cartoon was daffys debut then you win a cookie pizza) This prototype bugs returned in the cartoons “Presto chango”, “Hare-um Scare-um” Elmers candid camera” and a brief cameo in “Patient Porky”. His first real cartoon was the 1940 short “A Wild Hare” When he asked the immortal words “what’s up doc?” the audience loved him. Bugs did not have to evovle much to look like he does today, in fact he was pretty much the same as he is now albeit he had a deeper voice. Bugs would go on to star in over a 100 different cartoons and today he is a worldwide phenomenon. Next i will be talking about some of the cartoons he starred in. Until next time then.