“Full speed ahead!”

A thing I forgot to mention last time, is that some of these shorts were written by the great Dr. Seuss such as this one. We see Snafu bragging about a secret he knows and how he will never reveal it. Although, unbeknowenst to him he is being followed by his enemies. He walks through town and little by little he leaks more and more. (Loose lips sink ships) Eventually he comes to a bar, and to the tune of powerhouse he gets drunk. Now he could care less and he goes to a woman to tell her all about it. She is a Nazi and she lets all the others know what is going on. Then, when Snafu is sailing, he is torpedoed and killed. In hell, he wonders who let his secret out. His answer comes to him in a mirror. Before the short ends his reflection turns into a horses butt.

Personal Rating: 4

Private Snafu

With the war well under way, Warner Bros. decided that they should help and do their part. They made a series of cartoons that showed how to survive. The catch was that their character would do everything wrong, so troops would know what not to do. Their character was named Snafu which everyone know stands for “Situation normal all fffffff… all fouled up”. These were hilarious and sadly most people never got to see them. (They were made for the troops after all) Even if they hadn’t been, they were more for mature audiences. They had swearing, racial caricatures and a little bit of nudity. However, they are now public domain so you can watch them online. Go do it now! I command you!

Any bonds today?

Now what we have here is a short that is entirely music. We see a figure approaching and it is our patriotic cartoon character, Bugs Bunny. He starts to sing and tell us we must buy war bonds if we are going to win world war 2. Soon Porky and Elmer (in his fat phase) join him. So as you are probably guessing it is not really worth your time to watch it, right? Wrong! It is a great song! One that I find myself singing whenever I take a walk. (Yeah, I whistle and sing Looney Tunes songs) If you do not watch this then you are definitely missing out.

Personal Rating: 3

Lady Play your Mandolin


This is the first Merrie Melody and is one of my all time favorites, so lets get this party started. We open on a bar with one of the catchiest songs ever played. (These old M.M.’s titles were just the name of the song that was played in the short) All the customers are singing and drinking (beer) and having a great old time. After some music we find our character, Foxy. He is riding his horse to the party to have some fun. He arrives and plans to go in but his horse wants in on the action. Foxy ties his neck around a cactus (imagine how horrible that would be) and goes in. He drinks and the entertainment begins. It is Roxy and Foxy asks her to (all together now) “Play her mandolin!” She complies and more music ensures. The horse is ticked at being left out and unties himself. He yells some thing and Foxy breaks some tequila over his head. His horse gets drunk and comes in. He drinks more and starts to hallucinate wildly. Pretty scary. He burns up and our characters finish their song.

Personal Rating: 3

Merrie Melodies

I have no idea how these are classified. I have read many differnt interpretaitons. One said these contain minor characters who do not appear again. Another said they are just music. I have found neither to be true. In my opinion they are exactly the same as their Looney counterparts, just a bit more Merrie. (Yeah, that’s the ticket) At one point, they were the cartoons that Warner Bros. released in color, but that eventually became every picture. I however, am a fan of Looney Tunes to such an extent that I do not care. They are wonderful and every bit as enjoyable as the others. However if anyone can tell me a difference that i have not mentioned then I would love to hear it.

Crying for the Carolines

I am quite sure this is the first Spoony Melody made, and if you watch it you can easily see why they never made any more. It starts with some guy singing, and we see some woods. A boat FLIES by, and we see the moon. After that, we see a city and the boat returns. That’s it, the end. Now it is not really bad, but it is just freaking weird. This is the kind of thing that would have messed me up as a child. Then again I have seen weirder things in my time. These are just the kind of things we have to put up with.

Personal Rating: 1

Spoony Melodies

Looney Tunes did so well that Leon Schlesinger thought that these would be a good idea. What they would do is replace the real organist with a musical short in live action. Needless to say, this was not a good idea because only four of these were ever made, and none of them were any good. Although today you can not really find any of these I was lucky enough to find one, and tomorrow, I shall talk about it. See you then.


When it comes to early Looney Tunes, you can not go any earlier than this guy. Bosko was our first Looney Tune and the father of all shorts. He was created when two of Disney’s ex-animators left Disney to start their own company. Their character was Bosko, (who a lot of people these days think is racist, well he is only black and white and I am sure black showed up better against the background, I am sure they never meant to offend. Me personally, I always thought he was some kind of ape) a happy go lucky talk-ink kid. After him, many others would soon follow but the magic started with him. Bosko is not completely forgotten. (watch “Space Jam” and keep your eyes open. There is a picture of him)

Toon Heads

It is time to upgrade this place and so pics. and videos will now be available! To celebrate I decided to talk about one of my favorite childhood shows: ToonHeads. Yeah, I know it was not only Looney Tunes but it featured them prominently and it taught me to love them. (Yes, as a kid I was scared that all the characters got killed) This show had a great soundtrack which was just a drumbeat. Each episode showed a certain theme like cartoon caricatures or musical cartoons. We would see two shorts and then a trivia question. After that they would show us the final short and call it a half hour. Ahh, those were the good ole’ days. Cartoon network was great and I loved it. I think everyone did and I am sure I speak for everyone when I say the new one is crap! The only decent show on there in my opinion is of course, The Looney Tunes Show. Praise the lord for boomerang.

Personal Rating: 3 (I mean, not only are the shorts sometimes edited, but not every episode can even be viewed these days)

Tortoise Wins by a Hare

“Here comes the toitle.”

In what may be the first Looney Tunes clip show we see footage from Bugs’ first race against Cecil Turtle. As we all know, Cecil won, and Bugs is ticked. How did he do it? He goes to Cecil’s house in disguise and asks for the secret. Cecil tells him that his shell is streamlined and that rabbits are retards. Bugs is mad and runs off to make sure he’ll win the next race. Cecil of course knew who it was and speculates that another race is about to happen. The day of the race arrives and the rabbits are betting everything on the rabbit, and they are sure to have some tricks. They begin and Bugs puts on a metal tortoise shell in hopes of raising his aerodynamics. However, Cecil is now wearing a rabbit suit and as mentioned before, rabbits are dumb. They clobber Bugs and carry Cecil to the finish. Bugs reveals who he is and the rabbits commit suicide.

Personal Rating: 4