Looney Tunes: Back in Action! (Deleted Scenes and Final Thoughts)

Scene #1: An alternate opening. A Batman parody with Daffy as Batman and Elmer as some evil composer type character. He plays an organ robot that destroys the city. The citizens running include, Ralph Phillips, Hercules the construction worker, and Giovanni Jones. Porky and Speedy play the cops. Daffy easily stops Elmer, but the Warner Bros. stop him there, stating that he can’t kill Elmer. Daffy mentions that he comes back from the dead, and Elmer runs off crying.

Scene #2: A bunch of romance scenes involving Kate and D.J. the funniest being Bugs and Daffy pointing out their obvious attractions. (Daffy: “He likes long walks on the beach…” D.J.: “You just made that up” Bugs: “And she has a weakness for unemployed guys.” Daffy: “And he has a weakness for being unemployed.”)

Scene #3: A bunch of scenes at Area 52. Including Bug’s dressing up as a boxing referee, and getting two Daleks to fight each other, and D.J. feeding one of the fiends without a face to a triffid.

Scene #4: When Bob is taking Kate to the Eiffel Tower, D.J. is constantly buying paperweights and throwing them at Bob’s head

Scene # 5: Kate having more of a sense of humor. Telling the “impatient cow knock-knock joke” and playing hairdresser with Gossamer. (Why wasn’t he in this movie?)

Scene # 6: A scene showing what happens at ACME when you don’t push your buzzer. Mr. Chairman has you wrapped up in plastic wrap.

Scene #7: Final scene. Here the Blue Monkey apparently reverts something to a previous state. At the temple, D.J. has turned his dad into a monkey so he can get away. Mr. Chaiman rants about wanting to throw people into the lava. (Daffy holding the classic Screw ball sign) Bugs gets zapped and turns into Proto-Bugs. (Great gag) Daffy gets ahold of the diamond and accidentally turns Bugs and Kate into neanderthals. (Bug’s from “Mad as a Mars Hare”) Daffy accidentally aims at himself and becomes an egg. A whistle blows and Bob leaves his shift and actually talks. Mr. Chairman pulss Taz out of a bag to frighten our heros. (Bug’s chewing on Daffy) D.J. aims at Mr. Chairman who claims it will only make him smarter, because of being decended from geniuses. D.J. instead shoots Tweety who has been around this whole time. Mr. Chairman gets the diamond before realizing birds are decended from dinosaurs. A Tweety-dactyl (which is a PTEROSAUR) flies out and eats him, and Taz crumbles to bits.

Scene #8: Various Daffy scenes. Naming resturants he’s banned at, saying he has special needs, becoming part fly at Area 52, (thanks to Bugs) and various bits of him getting hurt at the temple. These deleted scenes are very fun to watch as Bugs and Daffy provide the commentary.

Final thoughts: I love this movie! It has action, heart, comedy, cartoons, a great villain, and I can watch it time and time again and not get bored. To me it is the best movie I ever saw. (And I can say it’s great because Ebert liked it. And if he liked it, then it’s good) Are there any parts I do hate? Well, yes. I still question Shaggy and Scooby being there, and I hate the part where Taz farts. A personal problem is that there is not enough Porky. But those are small complaints. Also depsite the fact it has two problems they are small ones. My second favorite movie 2011’s “The Muppets” has one problem that is huge. (What idiot deciding to put that no talent, emotionless, non-human, Selena Gomez in my Muppet Movie. (I hate her.) It’s a shame that this movie was a flop. But it was WB’s fault for not advertising enough. (Another fate that befell another criminally underated movie from them, “The Powerpuff Girls Movie”) If you’ve never seen this movie, then you really ought to. I don’t care who you are or what your preferences are, watch this film!

A fun little side note, you may or may not know this, but on the special features menu, you can higlight the water tower and find a scene of Sam blowing up. Great stuff.

Personal rating: Well, I hate to do this, but I’d probably have to give this film a 3 for the majority of people. It’s good, but I can’ see it converting anyone. Then again, if you are already a full-fledged Looney-tic, then all the cameos, in-jokes, and beautiful blending of live action and animation, earns this a 4. (If you’re me or my clone, then it’s a 5. And well deserved of that number.)

Looney Tunes: Back in Action! (Part 5)

Back at Acme, Mr. Chariman is gloating over the success. Damian still believes that D.J. will foil his plans. Mr. Chairman has the Peter Lorre Scientist keep using a machine that makes Damien hit himself. Looking at the map, they see that Daffy got himself in the shot, making it useless. They decide to go face our heros and use their most dangerous operative: The Tasmanian Devil. (When the Vice President of “Never Learning” points out that he’s kinda dumb, Taz eats him) In Africa our heros are making slow progress when who should appear? No not Inki. (That would’ve been awesome) It’s Granny, Sylvester, and Tweety on an elephant. They offer them a ride. Bugs points out how they came at just the right time, and Granny and Sylvester share a evil look. Could THEY be Acme agents? They take a safari and end up at the temple. Granny bids them farewell. (Phew. I guess they were alright) When they enter Daffy sets off a booby trap by taking a small monkey like object off a pedestal. Kate figures out that it’s a puzzle piece and quickly puts it into its spot. It reveals the parth to the Blue Monkey as well as the gem itself. D.J. accidentally turns himself into a Capuchin monkey and Daffy tries to make off with the gem. Bugs convinces him to change D.J. back. Then Granny and Co. show up and demand the diamond. Oh No! They were evil! Except not really. These were disguises. Granny and Sylvester reveal themselves to be Mr. Chairman and Bob. Tweety is Taz and he farts. (I hate this part. Warner Bros. never had to reduce themselves to such immature humor. Otherwise this film would have been perfect) Mr. Chairman also reveals that he is really Damien! No wait, he’s Michael Jordan! No wait, he’s really MR. CHAIRMAN! (funny) Bob takes out a device that transports them all to Acme. Bob then reveals to Taz that he is really the Tasmanian She Devil. (Yeah, Taz was kinda worthless in this movie. shame) At Acme everyone has been spliced with one another. While we laugh, Mr. Chairman fixes everything. He finally gets the TV to work right and shows that if D.J. does not give up the diamond, Damien will die by a train, exploding dynamite and an anvil. (But not the pendulum of doom. That’s overkill) Wile is overseeing all this. D.J. stupidly relents and Mr. Chairman does not release Damian. (Did you really expect him to?) He calls Marvin and tells him to go into space with the diamond. Marvin takes off and Daffy runs after him taking another ship. (That was being worked on by an Instant Martian) To his dismany, Bugs is along for the ride. They get into a brief fight with Marvin by keying his ship. Mr. Chairman tells his prisnors that the gem will loaded onto a satellite that will turn everyone on earth into monkeys. (You gotta have really dedicated henchmen to go along with this) Well not everyone. Mr. Chairman is going to be in a safe room with Mary as company. Told you she’d come back. (She doesn’t look too thrilled) Marvin puts the auto pilot on but Bugs and Daffy get rid of him by tricking him into rolling down his window so they can ask for directions. He is sucked out into space. (Daffy: Well whattya know, he fell for it. I guess I owe you 5 bucks.) But Marvin is not gone yet, he’s clinging to the underside of their ship. They arrive at the satellite and Daffy volunteers Bugs to go get the diamond out of the other ship. D.J. and Kate are tied up and left hanging by a rope near Damian. D.J. easily breaks free before realizing that there was a reason it was so easy to escape. Releasing themselves also releases an Acme robo-dog. (He kinda looks like Chester) Bugs runs into Marvin again, and takes on his bubble gun with his carrot light saber. Daffy is cowering and wondering what to do? What would Duck Dodgers do? Realizing he IS Duck Dodgers, Daffy grabs a jetpack that blows up before he can say his name. (It happens four more times) D.J. and Kate are barely able to escape the dog, by hooking his collar onto a hook. D.J. just barely rescues his dad, and Wile (who was piloting the train) blows up with the dynamite. (He feels that he’s not paid enough) In space, Marvin traps Bugs in one of the bubbles, and the satellite is about to fire. Daffy gets caught between two of the pylons and his beak detaches again. Using his skills he has learned from this happening all the time, he throw his bill, (ignoring the fact there’s no gravity) and it lands on the laser. His bill closes itself and the laser begins to backfire. Bugs escapes and dispatches Marvin with his own gun and the satellite begins to explode. Only two shots of the laser escape Daffy’s bill. One flies off into space never to be seen again. The other flies down to Earth and hits Mr. Chairman who was checking to see if everyone was monkeys yet. Daffy saves Bugs from floating away and they return to the ship. (Bugs won’t say that Daffy is his hero) The others find a sobbing Mary (I guess she did love him) and a simian Chairman. He is arrested and Damian and D.J. hug. They quickly leave when they see the rocket coming towards them. Mr. Chairmonkey runs away. (Perfect for a sequel methinks) and Daffy and D.J. congratulate each other. Bugs admits that Daffy deserves the credit, but Daffy is so sure this is a “rabbit season-duck season trick” that he refuses to go along with it. Kate admits that she likes D.J. and Bugs congratulates Daffy on finally getting to be the hero. Daffy gloats that Bugs never got him into is movie when the entire building gets taken away. Yes, this whole story WAS the movie and Daffy was not aware of it. (Ma bear brings Bugs a towel) D.J. punches out Brenden Fraser, (laugh) and Bugs admits that Daffy and him should be equal from now on. (While he is being given carrots by Charlie Dog, Heathcliff from “Dough Ray Me-ow”, the squirrel from “Much Ado about Nutting”, Marc Antony and Pussyfoot, Egghead, Mr. Gruesome Gorilla, and Hippety Hopper) Daffy barely avoids a falling stage light, and comments that his luck is already improving. He is crushed by the Looney Tunes rings. My man Porky comes out to say his famous closing line but his stutter is worse than usaul, and everyone leaves. Porky: “Go home Folks.” Not until I’ve seen the credits! We get a rockin song along with some animation. (Some of which I’m sure is from deleted scenes) At the end of all this, we get a final joke. Daffy is running form Nasty Canasta and Cottontail Smith in the casino and pulls a slot machine. It stops on three cherries. The thugs happily hold out their hats, but the cherries are really bombs and they blow up! What a great movie! My favorite film of all time.

Looney Tunes: Back in Action! (Part 1)

“It’s a little adventure I call, “Daffy Duck’s quest for the Blue Monkey!””

Great to be back. I’ve been waiting forever to blog about this. So let’s begin.

First: the plot. (I’m going into alot of detail here.) Our film starts with magic. Elmer hunting for “wabbits.” Daffy is of course changing the duck season signs to rabbit season. When Elmer shows up, Bugs does the classic swithc line and a quick montage of Daffy’s beak being blow off ensues. Daffy suddenly interupts. He is reading a script. The script for this movie. He tells the Warner Brothers that this is a terrible idea for a movie. Bugs appears. He drops a few names. (I’m pretty sure it’s a tribute to Bob Clampett, Chuck Jones, and Mel Blanc.) He agrees to be out of the movie, but the vice president of comdey, Kate Hottan, (Jenna Elfman) says it can’t work without Bugs. Daffy tells him to choose between them. He is promptly fired. (Look in the background. Poster’s for “Rabbit of Seville”, “Hair Raising Hare”, and “Baseball Bugs.”) Elsewhere at the studio, (see this is already an improvment of Space Jam. It goes the “Roger Rabbit” route and makes toons, real citizens. I love Space Jam, but even I can tell it’s not perfect.) A man named D.J. (Brendan Fraser) is auditioning for the role of a stuntman. (The crusher is one of two people judging his performance) He doesn’t get the job. We learn that his father, Damien, is the most popular star at the studio. D.J.’s main job is a security guard. While washing a car, he sees Kate, escorting Daffy out. Bugs is following close behind. She tells D.J. to get rid of Daffy. While they chat Bugs switches places with Daffy and Daffy escapes. D.J. goes after him in an amusing chase sequence. Daffy runs onto the set of a Batman movie and tries to steal th Batmobile. D.J. gets him but Daffy already turned the car on and it crashes into the water tower and floods the studio. (Hope the Warner’s weren’t home) Only 2003 and Bugs already references “Finding Nemo.” (Which came out earlier in the year) D.J. is fired (despite the fact it wasn’t his fault) Kate and Bugs meanwhile are at lunch. Interesting cameos here. Porky and Speedy are currently out of work due to political correctness. (Speedy i can understand. Not Porky. And unfunny? HOW DARE YOU! Heads will roll.) Shaggy and Scooby are also there telling Matthew Lillard they weren’t impressed with his live action role. (One of my few problems with the movie. It’s a good joke, but why are they there? It’s called Looney Tunes Back in Action. I know that WB owns them, but they are not part of the group. If you have to do this, go all out. Put in other Warner owned characters. Animaniacs. Teen Titans. The possibilities are endless) Bugs and Kate are discussing the movie. Behind them Ralph and Sam are eating lunch together. Sam beats Ralph up for attempting to eat a sheep. Kate tells Bugs that he needs a female co-star. (Background images: pictures of Hugo the abominable snoman (“The Abominable Snow Rabbit”) Buddy, the Gremlin, (Falling Hare) and I think Chuck Jones. There’s also a poster for “Singing in the Rain” starring Bugs Daffy and Lola. Her only appearance in the film.) Bugs tells her that he plays females. This causes Mighigan J. Frog behind him to start singing. Kate says it’s creepy, no longer funny. Wrong, woman. Bugs is one of the few guys who can do not and not look gay. (The worker takes Mighigan again) D.J. gets home and it turns out he lives next door to Granny, Tweety, and Sylvester. (Yes, she’s still June Foray) Granny is trimming her hedges and accidentally cuts off a sneaking Sylvester’s tal. Going inside, D.J. finds that Daffy followed him home. Daffy learns who his father is and believes he’s a real spy. D.J. hears a ringing from his remote and turns on a recording of his father telling him to go looking for a diamond called the Blue Monkey. He also tells him to locate someone named Dusty Tails in Las Vegas. Daffy volunteers to come along. (Because of the diamond.) They take a gremlin car that Daffy is convinced is a spy car. (The “Gremlins” theme plays) They drive off, and we learn that there really was a spy car hidden in the garage. At the studio, it’s pretty clear that the movie needs Daffy to work. Elmer actually ends up shooting him. Despite the fact that they fired Daffy, they blame Kate. If she wants to keep her job, she needs to get him back by Monday. Daffy meanwhile is constantly being thrown out of the car. He mocks D.J. for being a security guard and D.J. tells him he’s really a stunt man, and did most of Brendan Fraser’s stunts. (laugh) Bugs calls and tells Daffy that he can get his job back. Daffy is not interested and mentions that he’s off to vegas. Their conversation is being eavesdropped on by the Acme Corp. A man named Bob Smith tells the chair man of this news. The chairman (that’s his name) has many Vice Presidents. Including ones for Rhetorical question, Child Labor, and Bad Ideas. (Steve Martin is hysterical here) It’s revealed that he has captured Damian and shows his people via camera. (Accidentally getting “I Love to Singa”) He explains that soon he will be in total control of the world. (He also hits on one of his employees, Mary. Yes this is important) He also tells his men to kill anyone who dares get in the way.

DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN! Cliffhanger! If you don’t know the plot, please don’t go look it up elsewhere. I plan to continue tommorrow. I promise. (If you are reading this at a later time, then just read the next post)

No Barking


Directed by Charles M. Jones

It’s sunrise at a beautiful landscape. (Or it’s a dump) Claude Cat wakes up and whistles with a bluebird. Then he eats it. (If that’s too dark for you, two more birds drop a brick on him and eject their friend) With that breakfast ruined, Claude sets his sights on a bone that a puppy has just buried. This is Frisky. I’m not giving him his own post, because he doesn’t fit my five appearance rule. Basically he’s a puppy, he’s frisky, and he sorta looks like Charlie, just with a shorter more dog like body, and longer ears. As soon as Claude goes for the goods Frisky barks and sends the cat jumping out of fright. He gets tortued like this all through the picture. (At one point he does the run leaving things floating in midair gag. Just like Jones had done with Witch Hazel and the bull. Theirs being bobby pins and hooves. Claude’s is paws.) Claude chases Frisky into a pipe but the bark has him jump and land out of the sewer. (The manhole lands on him) After some typical puppy activities, (barking at a mirror, scratching, tugging on a rope) Frisky barks again and scares Claude into jumping in some lumber. Claude gives up and goes back to his hunting. He hunts a bird which turns out to be Tweety. (A Freleng character in a Jones short? Freleng did something similar with a Jones character in “Dog Pounded”) Frisky barks again and now Claude’s had enough. He stuffs a sock to make a decoy tail and Frisky goes for the bait. Claude ties him up and gags him. Walking off he get’s barked at by a bulldog, (I’ll just assume it’s Marc Antony) and jumps up onto a plane. Tweety watches as it flies off into the sunset.

Personal Rating: 3

Birds Anonymous

“If you really want to beat this, look us up. We can help you.”

Directed by Friz Freleng

It’s another Oscar Winner! It’s the third time Sylvester’s been in one of those! This was Blanc’s favorite short he did voices for! (And if my research is correct, it was originally supposed to be called “Tweety-Totaler”.)

Inside a house, Sylvester carefully closes all the window blinds so there are no witnesses for what’s about to happen. He grabs Tweety quite easily. (Granny’s not in this short) He doesn’t eat him, as another cat (who would later be named Clarence) warns of the perils. Apparently, Birds are a cats alcohol and they have a group that can help break the habit. Sylvester attends a meeting and vows to do the same. He returns home and cheefully greets Tweety with a friendly pat on the head. (Deaw Diawy, I know you won’t bewieve this but…”) Sylvester turns on the television. Surprise! It’s a cooking show describing how to make delicous poultry. (It never specifies WHAT bird it is. It could be a vulture.) Sylvester fights the urges and tries the radio. Of course, it’s only playing alliterative avian albums. (Bye Bye Blackbird, Red Red Robin, No Hungry Hungry Heorn, unfortunately) He handcuffs himself to a radiator, (why were those in the kitchen?) but manages to break free after Tweety asks if he likes him anymore. Clarence arrives to shoot a plunger in his face. (“I was afraid you might be weakening”) At night Sylvester can’t sleep and runs to Tweety, planning to quit after just one more. Clarence pours alum into his mouth, thus making it impossible for him to shove Tweety in, even with a straw. He breaks down, and Clarence tells him that it’s really easy to get along with your prey. He kissess Tweety and unfortunatley gets a taste of him as well. Clarence is now trying to eat the canary while Sylvester tries to stop him.

Personal Rating: 5 (For Mel’s godly voice acting)

A Gruesome Twosome

“Have you two putty-tats met?”

Directed by Bob Clampett

From the title alone, you’d probably never guess this is a Tweety short. This is the last short with Tweety Clampett directed, and the last one where Tweety is naked. (He may be yellow, but he’s still got no feathers) Apparently it’s mating season for cat statues. (Yes, I know that the shadows don’t have to be animated) One female, who actually is pretty hot (from an avid cat hater, that’s some compliment) has two suitors. A pot-bellied moron nicknamed Snooks, and a horny Jimmy Durante cat. (None seem like ideal mates to me, but hey, she’s pretty nice to give them a chance.) While they fight over her, a random dog pops up informing he does not belong in the short, but he’s not missing a chance to steal her kiss. My favorite part. Not wanting the titular twosome to fight over her, she tells them that the first one to bring her a bird will win her. (No specific bird, would a plastic flamingo count?) The two both climb the same telephone pole (oblivious to each other) and find the same bird. Tweety. Upon noticing each other, they fight and Tweety causes them to fall and explode. (Cats do that, right?) Jimmy decides they’ll have to work together if they want the naked genius. (I’m sure they are both planning a doublecross) Their plan? Dress up as the most ridiculous horse in all history. (AKA the phony pony) Tweety isn’t fooled. In fact, he takes a bee out of his… pocket? (So Tweety’s a marsupial) slaps it around and shoves it in the costume. Making like the Lone Ranger he has a fun ride, until the cats crash into a tree. While discussing another plan, Tweety takes a bone belonging to a bulldog, smashes him over the head, and tossing the bone into the costume. The dog runs into it and i’m pretty sure he ends up killing those two. Tweety ends with his own Durante impression.

Personal Rating: 4

Bah, Humduck! (A Looney Tunes Christmas)

“What do I look like, an ATM?”

Merry Christmas to all who visit my humble blog! With Christmas nearby, it is time to talk about this special. It starts with our narrator, Bugs Bunny. He declares that even though rabbits are associated with Easter, he still loves Christmas. (Besides remember the last Easter we saw Bugs?) He is nearly hit by a limo. The owner of said limo? Daffy Duck. Owner of the Luckyduck Superstore. He has an awesome hover scooter, and not one speck of generosity. He refuses to help a poor, homeless, (playboy) penguin, and steals the bucket of carolers egghead jr., henrey hawk, barnyard dawg as a puppy for some reason, (?) and Priscilla Pig. (more on her later.) Daffy has many employees working at his store. Including Sam sheepdog, Miss Prissy, Charlie dog, the three bears, a security guard (Gossamar) who is sitting on Santa (Cecil) Turtles lap, Foghorn Leghorn, Slowpoke Rodriguez, Claude cat, Hubie and Bertie, Mac and Tosh, Beaky Buzzard, Hippitey Hopper, and  a (Pete) Puma janitor. (Just like in Tiny Toons) He also has some employees with a bit more personality. Including Elmer Fudd, who works very hard, and is exhausted, he needs time off. Wile E. Coyote, who is constantly hungry, and needs food. Marvin the Martian who is homesick and wishes to return home for the holidays. (Martian Christmas?) Speedy Gonazales who does wrapping, Pepe Le Pew, who tries to get to know a shopper who looks just like skunk, (No really Penelope, why do you have that stripe?) and my man, Porky Pig, his assisstant manager. Whom Daffy shortly demotes to assisstant-assissant manager. Bugs warns him that greedy people tend to get visited by Christmas ghosts. Daffy has no worry and heads to his office. There he is visited by his idol, Sylvester the (cat) Investor. He was the greediest person around, before he was murdered. Daffy now has that title, and is being warned that he must change his ways. He may be spooked, but Daffy is sure this is a prank. After visited by Bugs again, (he was searching for cheap skates, and was directed here.) he gets a passage delivered by a roadrunner. (I have no idea, if he is an employee or not.) It is a gift Daffy sent to himself, a godly remote that can do just about anything for his office. His emplyoees then come asking for favors, but are are snubbed. Porky just wants to have Christmas off so he can spend time with his daughter, Priscilla. (Now let me just say, that she is ADORABLE! She is proably the second cutest cartoon character ever! Right after Bubbles of the powerpuff girls. It is no coincidence, that this is true, Tara Strong is great at playing cuties. To an extent. In my opinion “Drawn Together” is one of the worst excueses for a cartoon ever. Mostly because it looks like it might be a decent show. Animation sterotypes living together? Genius! But they screw it up and make it in really bad taste. And then insult much better cartoons as well. Rant over.) Daffy refuses and demands that everyone come in at 5:00 AM the next day. Everyone leaves discouraged. Bugs is still there with Daffy as the exits are covered in snow. Daffy demands the seperate and soon after, is visited by the ghost of Christmas past. Or rather ghosts. Granny and Tweety take Daffy back to his past, and we see how hard his childhood was. He lived at an orphanage, and was never adopted. Morons. Why wouldn’t you want to adopt the world’s funniest duck? (I said FUNNIEST, not most popular. Donald fans stop threating me.) And for that matter where is that swan? She took him in. Forget it. This does little to change his ways and Daffy just wants to use their powers “Back to the Future 2” style to get more money. He is sent back to the store. The ghost of Christmas present is played by… Yosemite Sam? I think you could have chosen a better character for that. Maybe swicth with Sylvester? Anyways, he shows Daffy how hard his employes lives are. Another adorable scene shows, that Priscilla wants two things for Christmas, a doll, and for her daddy to spend it with her. (Too. Cute. Someday i’m going to buy a pig. And it will have Mrs. Strong’s voice so help me Bob.) Daffy is not convinced quite yet, and begs Bugs to hide him. They reenact “Tom Turk and Daffy” but ultimately Daffy is taked by the ghost of Christmas future, the Tasmanian Devil. He sees his grave, and learns that his employees are out of jobs, because he tried to will the store to himself. Porky remarks that at least he and Priscilla can spend Christmas together. (With Porky! She didn’t die yet!) Being an angel, she leves some cookies for Daffy, (which look hilarious) and wishes him luck, since she knows he’s not in heaven. (Laughing) Daffy finally resolves to change his ways and the next day, gives everyone a paid vacation, as well as a rocket home for Marvin, and a personal chef for Wile. (Francois from “French Rarebit”) Even Pepe gets a kiss from Penelope. (her choice. she wasn’t bribed) Daffy sees how much his genorosity is going to cost him, and briefly tries to get it back, when Priscilla offers him a hilarious looking cookie, and calls him Uncle. (I wish she’d do that to me) Daffy remains generous to the delight of Bugs and the ghosts. We end with Priscilla saying our “That’s all Folks!” (Did i mention how adorable she is?)

Overall this short, is nothing great, but if you are a Looney Tunes fan, you’ll enjoy it.

Personal Rating: 2 for the common folk, 3 for the Looney-tics.

The Last Hungry Cat

“Sardines and milk wouldn’t have done it, you had to commit murder.”

Parody Time! It looks like “Hitchcok Presents”, but instead of a person its a bear. (I guess? It could just be a very strange hairdo) He tells us a story. In this strory a one Sylvester the cat is about to break into Granny’s house and eat tweety. Once grabbing him he loses his balance on the stack of furniture he is standing on and collapses. Tweety uses this time to escape. Sylvester comes to and seeing the feather in his mouth deduces that he ate Tweety. Hearing Granny he makes his leave happy to have escaped. The narrator works his nerves up by calling it murder. It dosen’t help when Sylvester walks by a newspaper hunting a criminal known as “The Cat.” He hides in a building. (I assume it’s his house) He tries to relax by listening to the radio and reading but both things just add to his guilt. So he resorts to smoking and coffee drinking. (To calm his nerves i guess? I don’t think coffee does this, anyone care to explain?) He stays awake all night. While taking a sleeping pill shower he breaks down sobbing. The narrator tells him to give himself up and Sylvester agrees. Upon arriving back at the scene of the crime he finds Tweety alive and well. His happiness soon turns to hunger, when Granny whacks him for trying to eat her bird. The narrator ends his tale and Sylvester throws a brick at him.

Personal Rating: 3

Who framed Roger Rabbit?

What? Sure its a disney movie but if you know that, than i am quite certain you know that looney tunes are in it. I am not going to describe the plot, though, because if you have not seen this movie you should be ashamed. If you are a cartoon lover (such as myself) and you have not seen it then call a lynch mob to kill you. (or dont) What I am going to do is just point out the looney tunes i saw. If you have seen more please let me know. (I’m noting THEIR appearances, not mentions or pictures as those are easier to find)

At maroon studios: Bugs and Elmer are hard to spot, but as valiant strolls through the lot, right before the scene changes you can spot them. When the scene changes however you can see the dodo walking into the studio. He is in his “dough for the do-do” color scheme.

At the ink and paint club: The infamous scene where Donald and Daffy duel with pianos. (playing my favorite music no less)

Near the Acme factory: Yosemit sam flies out of toontown

Toontown: Tweety and Bugs are here. its hard to miss them.

Ending: You can see Bugs, Daffy, Yosemite Sam, Tweety, The Roadrunner, Wile e coyote, Foghorn, Marvin, Sylvester, Speedy, Elmer, and Sam sheepdog. And of course what kid of movie would it be if it did not end with porky say “Thats all Folks!”

Yes i know that Wile and the Roadrunner were not around at the time this movie takes place, but if you are going to complain about that, then you should also complain that all the flags in the movie have 50 stars. As for the Looney Tunes they all had Mel Blanc provide their voices. Except for Yosemite Sam. but that is forgivable as Blanc was aging at this time, and he could not yell like he used to.

Personal Rating: 5

Porky pig show/Bugs bunny and tweety show

The first of these never made it. that already sucks. Porky is awesome why not let him have his own show? The intro was at least made and it showed many people and fellow toons going to porky’s barn to watch some of his finest work. The other show however did succeed. It came from the bugs bunny show and was popular to stay on the air for 14 years! The opening remained pretty much unchanged except hippity hopper was replaced with sylvester jr. and they added pepe and (thank goodness) porky. It’s kind of a shame that these classics dont play on tv anymore. kids today dont know what entertainment is.

Personal Rating: (Based on the openings) 3