A Star is Bored

“If a long eared rabbit can be a shtar, stho can a duck!”

 Directed by Friz Freleng; Story by Warren Foster; Animation by Arthur Davis, Gerry Chiniquy, and Virgil Ross; Layouts by Hawley Pratt; Backgrounds by Irv Wyner; Film Editor: Treg Brown; Voice Characterization by Mel Blanc; Musical Direction by Milt Franklyn. Released in 1956 Directed by Friz Freleng; Story by Warren Foster; Animation by Arthur Davis, Gerry Chiniquy, and Virgil Ross; Layouts by Hawley Pratt; Backgrounds by Irv Wyner; Film Editor: Treg Brown; Voice Characterization by Mel Blanc; Musical Direction by Milt Franklyn. Released in 1956

It really is a shame. There are a good number of people in this world who are not talented and yet continue to get work in the movie biz. But I’ve complained about them before, it’s Daffy’s turn now. Specifically, his anger is once again aimed at the world’s favorite rabbit. Sick of Bugs getting big roles, Daffy heads to the bosses’ office and demands a part. He even performs at weddings. (I know what entertainment will be at mine. All I need is a fiance and several thousand dollars) It just so happens that the studio was looking for a stunt double to use in Bugs’ pictures, but they’re not telling Daffy that right away. Daffy gets the job and a rabbit suit and prepares to prove his worth. The first scene is with Sam and Daffy subs for Bugs to get shot. Next, Elmer is going to saw a limb of a tree that Bugs is sitting on, but Daffy knocks him out and takes his place. Sawing the limb topples the tree. (Hey, we learned how that gag works!) The next scene calls for Bugs to fish. Despite his protests, Daffy demands that he be the one to do this shot. He is eaten by a tuna. (I’m guessing that’s what it is. What do you want from me?) Next, Elmer is hunting Bugs. Sticking his gun into a tree results in another coming out of a hole behind him. Daffy takes his place again, to prove its a trick. He ties a bow to his end and when he pokes it through, the other one has a different bow. He shoots himself and finds the different bow on his gun. (I love that gag) And in a plane scene, Daffy gleefully watches Bugs about to smash into the earth. Stunt double time! (Loving Daffy’s reaction. That’s the look death row inmates have) This stunt is enough to break the camel’s back and he heads back to the boss and demands his own movie. He’s in luck! They just got a script in that calls for a duck. It’s aptly titled, “The Duck.” So what, is it going to be a nature documentary? Wishful thinking. It’s a twenty second flick about a duck getting shot to death by hunters. (Directed by: A German Director. Written by Bugs Bunny.)

Personal Rating: 3

Buccaneer Bunny

“Have a nice dip, drip?”

Directed by I. Freleng; Story by Michael Maltese and Tedd Pierce; Animation by Manuel Perez, Ken Chapin, Virgil Ross, and Gerry Chiniquy; Layouts by Hawley Pratt; Backgrounds by Paul Julian; Boice Characterization by Mel Blanc; Musical Directon by Carl W. Stalling. Released on May 8, 1948.

He may be remembered as a cowboy, but Sam had many different occupations in the shorts he appeared in. This was his second appearance even! (Unless, you count “Along came Daffy” but there is no concrete evidence that either of the men in that short were Sam)

As a pirate, Sam is burying his treasure so that no one will know where it is. (His eyebrows turn pink. It’s that tropic sun, I tell ya.) But as he tosses it in the hole, Bugs tosses it back up. Sam decides to shoot him to keep his secret safe. “Dead rabbits tell no tales.” Bugs corrects him that it’s dead men. Sam figures he has no choice and starts to aim at his head. (Hysterical) He quickly catches on and gives chase. Bugs hops in Sam’s rowboat and rows so fast, he ends up paddling himself out of the boat and onto Sam’s ship. Seeing this, Sam swims out to the ship, grabs the oars and swims back to the boat to row. (A good gag to be sure, but it makes sense. He might needs that boat later and he’ll want the oars) Once aboard he runs into Captain Bligh from “Mutiny on the Bounty.” (Bugs of course) He gives Sam several orders and chuckles while Sam does so. He soon wises up and Bugs hides. It would work, but Sam’s parrot keeps obnoxiously pointing out the rabbit’s hiding places. Bugs shuts him up by giving it a (fire)cracker. Taking the birds place, he tells Sam the rabbit is in the cannon. BOOM! Bugs takes the crow’s nest like an elevator and is well out of Sam’s reach. Sam orders him down, and Bugs yells for him to catch him as he tosses an anvil which causes the whole ship to submerge, (save Bugs) until Sam lets go of it. After some hilarious cannon gags and the brilliant many doors gag, (Bugs enters a door, Sam is about to follow when Bugs emerges from another door and enters a different one and Sam can’t catch up) We get to undoubtedly the best part of this short. Sam comes over to Bugs who is standing by the stairs to the powder room. (By which I mean where the gunpowder is kept. It’s not a latrine. When you’re a pirate, the ocean is your latrine) Smiling like a troll, Bugs lights a match and throws it down. Sam reacts how you’d think and runs after it. He manages to get it and berates Bugs for doing that. Bugs responds by doing it again. Sam grabs it once more, but tells Bugs that if he does it again, he’s not chasing after it. Bugs does it again. (This really is one of the best gags is all cartoon-dom. I’ve yet to see it be used in any other piece of media) Sam is true to his word and tries to keep busy, but ultimately can’t take it and tries to retrieve the match. Too late. The ship is blown to pieces and Bugs and Sam are blown back to the Island. Sam chases Bugs back to his hole thinking he has him cornered. But Bug’s hole is really a buried cannon. Sam surrenders despite the Bugs claim that he hasn’t even begun the fight.

Personal Rating: 4

14 Carrot Rabbit

Directed by I. Freleng.  Released in 1952

“It’s gettin’ so a man can’t earn a dishonest livin’ no more.”

Last week’s post really took it out of me. I lost my voice and there is now an amphibian inhabiting my esophagus. (Ironically, I’m wearing my Michigan J. Frog shirt) But there is some good that happened. Disneyland reached it’s 60th year last year (and had the celebration last Sunday?) which makes it it’s golden anniversary. (I don’t recall them making such a fuss over their 50th, but they were kinda struggling at the time and didn’t have Frozen yet. So I guess there was no point) Oh and they’re not getting rid of Toontown for that new Star Wars area. THANK YOU! On theme alone, it’s probably the best area of the park. (Fun story: Apparently my brother heard some park employee questioning my wearing a Porky shirt there. Too bad I wasn’t aware. I so wanted to get involved.) I ramble, but in honor of the golden anniversary, I present a short well worth its weight in the stuff.

Our story takes place in the Klondike, during the gold rush. What little people can find, is claimed by Chillicoot (Yosemite) Sam. While cashing in his ill gotten gains, he sees Bugs walking in with a boulder of a gold nugget. (Which he exchanges for carrots. Which are edible. As opposed to money. Which does nothing. There is my proof that Bugs Bunny is smarter than any man ever will be. Goodnight.) Apparently, a funny feeling comes over Bugs when he is near gold. Sam follows to see if it’s true. It must be, as Bugs finds a collar button by listening to his feelings. Sam springs into action claiming that they should be partners, and split any gold they might find 50/50. (I love the way Bugs waves his eyebrows at us. He’s not buying that crap.) He agrees and leads Sam to a spot. Instead of making Bugs dig, Sam rushes in and informs the rabbit their partnership is over. Bugs realizes they are on a cliff and feels he should warn the crook. Sam won’t listen to anything he has to say, and Bugs lets him fall. Knowing Sam is going to come back, Bugs starts digging elsewhere. Sam comes back and takes over, unaware that the pile of dirt he is digging through is in a dump truck that Bugs is driving. He dumps it off a cliff. Angered, Sam vows to chase Bugs all over America if he has to. (I guess he meant North America? Alaska wasn’t part of U.S. yet. Or did he intend to chase him down to the states?) He even gets a shot at Bugs’ tail. That’s rare. They chase for quite awhile, when Bugs is alerted to gold again. Sam knows it must be a trick, but ultimately decides he can’t take that chance and digs. Eureka! He finds gold bar after gold bar. Where is this heavenly location? Fort Knox. (Whoops.) He’s taken away but as Bugs is still there, it looks bad for him too. He says he’s just waiting for a street car, but is all too happy to take the boat that appears instead. (Cartoons. They’re magical)

Personal Rating: 3

Next week is a milestone of my own. It will be the fifth anniversary of my blog as a whole. Which means another change in posts (like I do every year) and maybe a special post? Who knows? I hope you’ll join me.

Tweety’s High-flying Adventure

Directed byKarl Torege, Charles Visser, James T. Walker, Kyung Won Lim

“Humph! Mr. Popular.”

In case you haven’t noticed, all of the shorts I’ve talked about recently had cats in them. Looney tunes are chock full of them. And so is this direct to video movie. It’s not spectacular, but I still find it enjoyable. So let’s get started.

It’s October 2nd, (I dunno, 2000 I guess) and Granny is living in London for some reason. She has two pets, namely Sylvester and Tweety. She is also a member of the Looney Club, which is located right next door to a children’s park that is going to close soon. Inside the club we see…COLONEL RIMFIRE? Wow! One of the last characters created for Looney Tunes. He doesn’t get roles anymore. Score one point for this film. He is busy ranting about the fact that he never caught his nemesis: Cool Cat. (Not that abomination created by Derek Savage. This character actually has earned his title) He takes a little solace in the fact that he was bested by a creature that was smarter than him. Not just Cool Cat, but all cats. He believes cats are the smartest creatures on the planet. (I disagree) Lucky for me, Granny is on my side, and when Rimfire says he’d bet his savings on his claim, she takes him up on it, hoping to use the winnings to restore the park. She claims that her canary can not only go around the globe in 80 days, (which would be until December 21, (I’m still going with 2000,) but also collect 80 different paw prints. It’s a big challenge, but Tweety’ll do anything for Granny. (Is it just me, or does that calendar have a picture of one of the hunters from “Horton hatches the egg” on it?) So he is given a passport to get stamped to prove he visited the locations. This gathers the attention of a shifty looking character in the crowd. It’s the Shropshire Slasher from the short “Deduce you say”. He eyes Tweety’s passport with great interest. The things might be rare soon. One’s been stolen apparently. Sylvester meanwhile plans on following the canary to make sure he and only he can have him for lunch. Outfitted with a tracking device, Tweety heads for his first stop in France. Not too long after, a wind blows him off course into the alps. Lodged into the side of a mountain, he asks a nearby climber for help. Said climber is actually Daffy, who is sore about the fact this is not his movie and refuses to help. An avalanche happens but the two are saved by snowboarder Bugs Bunny. It is now October 12, and Sylvester has been waiting in France this whole time. The script says that Tweety should have come here, could it be wrong? Nope. Here he comes now, being chased by Penelope Pussycat. She crashes into Sylvester’s table and gets a white stripe down her back. (hint hint) but that does not deter her from her purrrr-suit (weak I know.) of the bird. Not if Sylvester has anything to say about it. While they chase, Tweety get’s his passport stamped by Pepe. He then points out something he thinks he’ll like. Two skunks fighting over him. (It’s not really explained how Sylvester got a stripe as well) With those two occupied, Tweety collects Penelope’s print and flies off for Italy. Would you like to bet on whether or not Tweety will make it? Because his progress is being charted by Foghorn, Prissy, Henry, and Egghead Jr. And they’re accepting all bets. They believe he can do it. (Birds are encouraging like that) In Venice, Tweety stops at Pasquelles. The same restaurant Charlie Dog tried to make home in “A hound for trouble” He’s still there, playing waiter. Tweety orders a plate of birdseed with marinara sauce. As all Americans know, Italian food is good eating, so it’s no wonder that Tweety leaves the place plump as a turkey. He can’t even fly anymore, so he hitches a ride on a gondola. But flightless, plump, juicy, succulent birds are vulnerable. Surprise! The owner of it is a cat, and there are more up ahead on a bridge. Tweety uses his new physique to bowl over them. He gets their prints, and a stamp for Venice. (Turns out his fat was just gas. If only I had that problem) Tweety’s trip has garnered more attention, and he is even mentioned by Lola on the news. (She’s part of the cast now. So you might as well quit complaining about her.) Tweety makes it to Egypt and gets his passport stamped by a camel. (Who I think is Humpty Bumpty in a fez, but I can’t be sure.) Worn out, Tweety goes to sleep. But Sylvester must have gotten away form Pepe, (Please tell me he convinced him of his gender before it was too late.) And is back for more. After a scuffle, Tweety hides in the Sphinx. Granny wasn’t kidding about his smarts. He knows how to read Hieroglyphics. Turns out, the place has a terrible fate for anyone who tries to head down a certain hall. Since Sylvester isn’t aware, he gets attacked by mummified cats. (People really did that you know) They punch him hard enough to make a hole in the place for Tweety to escape from. He collects their prints and is on his way once more. Landing in Africa (in the jungle of crayon drawn trees) he encounters the Mynah Bird. Since that guy doesn’t talk, Tweety follows him hoping he’ll lead him to his next stamp. But he doesn’t look where he’s going and wanders into a lion’s mouth. (At least he found the stamp in there) He leaves the mouth of the beast, (which looks more like a dog dressed as a lion to me) but almost immediately runs into Pete Puma. (Why’s he here?) The two corner Tweety in a tree. (No relation to the short “Tree cornered Tweety”) Luckily for him, the Mynah comes back and saves him by flinging the predators away. With that done, Tweety heads to Tibet. He gets to a souvenir shop where Gossamar gives him another stamp. (Why not?) Tweety also catches sight of some monk cats lead by Claude. (He may look different, but the voice is a dead giveaway.) They are about to sacrifice a canary (who has hair) to their god. Tweety comes to the rescue in a snowball (picking up Hugo the abominable snowman along the way) and bowls over them. He looks just like their god and he demands that they release the bird, and knock off the canary sacrifices. Even though they agree, Tweety is a jerk and still sics Hugo on them. (But he does get their prints as well) He is joined by the other bird named Aooga. (No really.) After getting a stamp at China, the two are blown off course all the way to Mexico. At least that gives them a stamp for there. (Courtesy of Speedy) Since they are down there, they stop by Rio as well. Rocky and Muggsy are hiding out there, but they still give them a stamp. And in Argentina they get another one form (Spike? Marc Antony? Just a bulldog?) With the south taken care of, they fly back to Japan. (Seems the Slasher is still on the loose) Afterwards they decide to take a boat to their next destination. Sylvester has remembered he’s in this movie and prepares to dig in. But he’s caught by a ship hand and thrown in the galley to catch mice. The mice in question are Hubie and Bertie who are living a good life with all the cheese they can eat. Sylvester gives chase, but they use a bucket of soapy water to send him sliding off the ship. Even though he clasps on to the side, Tweety sadistically pries him off, sending him into the shark infested (badly animated water below) But he does throw him a life saver. (The things he does for Warner Bros.) The three drift to Australia. There, the passport is stamped by Hippety Hopper. (Why does he have a pouch?) And of course Sylvester thinks he’s a giant mouse. But this is also the home of the Tasmanian Devil who shows up and plans to eat some cat. Sylvester saves his hide, by encouraging him to team up so they can both get canary. They chase after the birds on a bike, (Taz really seems to be enjoying himself) but the birds make their getaway with a convenient hang glider. Sylvester leaps onto it, leaving Taz alone in the air. (He holds out Wile E. holding out a “mother” sign) The birds fly off leaving the cat stuck on the glider, but he bumps into a wind surfer. (Is that the flying fish from “The sour puss” on his sail?) The birds land atop it and ride to their next stop, San Francisco. With the putty tat still on their tails, the birds ride a skateboard through no color ville to escape. Sylvester hops aboard a trolley driven by Sam and shoves him out of the way. But he doesn’t really know how to work it, and ends up breaking the brake. (Which is sorta like winding the wind, or tearing a tear) With the vehicle out of control the two end up on Alcatraz much to Sam’s anger. The birds head off to Vegas, with Sylvester following on a train. (With an angry Sam chasing him the whole trip. He has great endurance.) Once there, Sylvester manages to get Sam taken away on another train, but loses the birds in Chalk Vegas. They are hiding in a casino which just so happens to be full of cats. They are all betting against Tweety. If they were to be spotted, they would probably chased down. Sylvester exposes their hiding spot and they are chased down. One cat catches Aoogah and I think Tweety shoves a pole up his butt. (What else could he have done?) Sylvester meanwhile has caused another cat to hit the jackpot. (Pussyfoot is with her, are they related? Also the kitten makes itself comfortable on Sylvester’s head. Adorable) The two head off again. (The Slasher also is outside. Is that other guy naked?) The two birds head off across the country collecting prints along the way. They eventually make it to New York. (It’s full of Looney Tune advertisments.) They stop for a hot dog at a cart that is by a strange looking man in a trench coat. Tweety asks a weird question to Aoogah. What kind of hot dog would she be? (what.) Sylvester is the vendor and plans to eat. During the scuffle, mustard is squirted all over the strange man, exposing him as Marvin. This gives the birds a chance to get to the airport. Tweety is sad that the fun is almost over, and decides for one more challenge, he’ll fly back to London on his own. He leaves his ticket with the stewardess and they head out. Sylvester meanwhile makes a pretty poor excuse for a poster that is framing Tweety as stealing the Passport. Good thing he showed it to a poor excuse for a cop who believes it. While this does not get him anywhere, he does get Tweety’s ticket. Guess he’ll meet them in London. The birds meanwhile have flown into a hurricane. Not only does it remove Tweety’s tracker, making the world believe he’s gone, (Now all they have left to enjoy is a man in a barrel. I’m not joking) but it separates the duo. And Aooga had the passport! Tweety feels sorry for himself, since it seems like he’s not going to win like he always does. He hears Aooga’s call and lands on an island in the eye of the storm. (Home of the worst CGI trees I’ve ever seen) Turns out the passport floats and after getting swarmed by some random cats. (Strange, but hey more prints) They fly off to London once more. Arriving in a pub, they are grabbed by the Slasher. Turns out he was behind the passport theft all along. (surprise surprise) He collects the things. He stuffs it in his pocket, and Tweety probably would have been lost if he was alone. But Aoogah snatches it back. The pollice arrive and the Slahser is forced to take off. Sylvester is with them, still clutching his poster. (I’m not surprised these guys believed it. They probably think all American posters are shoddily made.) Tweety has the passport and is presumed guilty. Sylvester takes it as Tweety is arrested and happily jumps in glee. But what’s this? There are two passports? And Tweety’s checks out. Leaving Sylvester holding the stolen one. Turns out the slasher stuck them in the same pocket he keeps his fish and chips in, and they got stuck together. (Gross. What was on those?) Sylvester won’t be a bother to them now, but Tweety is sad. According to the subtitle, it’s the 22nd. He’s late. But Aoogah points out that they crossed a time zone and actually it is the 21st! The subtitle was wrong! (ummm. The sun rises in the east. So if it’s really the 21st in London, wouldn’t it be the 20th in America?) They rush to the club. Rimfire points out that there’s only 79 prints. Tweety never managed to get Sylvester’s. Taking it back, he rushes to the police wagon and gets the last print! Rimfire reluctantly admits defeat. (And it turns out one of the other members was Cool Cat all along. And he knew Tweety would succeed. Only someone who is truly cool will admit he’s not the smartest.) For finding the missing passport, Tweety is knighted. (Not too absurd. There are King penguins) Sylvester however is off to prison.

Personal Rating: Looney-tics should have fun seeing how many characters are crammed in here. For them, 3. For the rest…3. (Only because I don’t have a 3.5 rating)

Holy Flucking Sheet! This is the second time today I’ve had to type this up! For no apparent reason, it didn’t save. This new squarespace sucks whale balls! I hope you appreciate this post readers. I do it all for you.

Fifty years of Bugs Bunny in 3 1/2 minutes

“The King! Your Majesty!”

This… is one of the best things I’ve ever seen in my life. If not the greatest, then probably the ninth. A 50 year tribute to the world’s most popular toon in such a compact time limit? It’s everybodies life mission to see it at least once. And since I was able to find both the American and Austrailian versions, you can enjoy both at any time! Since I have seen every Bugs Bunny short, I am going to list all that are here. (If I screwed up, please feel free to correct me. It’s the only way I’ll learn.)

“Rabbit Hood”, “Elmer’s Pet Rabbit”, “The Old Gray Hare”, “A Wild Hare”, “Rabbit Of Seville”, “Rabbit Rampage”, “Rabbit Seasoning”, “Rabbit Fire”, “Duck! Rabbit, Duck!”, “Person to Bunny”, “Rabbitson Crusoe”, “Wild And Woolly Hare”, “Big House Bunny”, “Mississippi Hare”, “Operation: Rabbit”, “Compressed Hare”, “Rabbit’s Feat”, “Bowery Bugs”, “Hare Splitter”, “Hare-Breadth Hurry”, “Sahara Hare”, “Long-Haired Hare”, “A Witch’s Tangled Hare”, “Foxy By Proxy”, “Barbary Coast Bunny”, “Big Top Bunny”, “Apes of Wrath”, “Homeless Hare”, “Haredevil Hare”, “Rabbit Punch”, “Hair-raising Hare”, “Bill of Hare”, “The Fair-Haired Hare”, “Bunny Hugged”, “Bugs Bunny Rides Again”, “The Bugs Bunny Show,” “What’s Up, Doc?”, “8-Ball Bunny”, “What’s Opera, Doc?”, “Bully For Bugs”, “Bunker Hill Bunny”, “Roman Leigon-Hare”, “Knights Must Fall”, “Knight-Mare Hare”, “Rebel Rabbit”, “Bedeviled Rabbit”, “Horse Hare”, “Lighter Than Hare”, “A-Lad-In His Lamp”, “Lumber Jack-Rabbit”, “14 Carrot Rabbit”, “The Million Hare”, “Which is Witch”, “Hot Cross Bunny”, “High Diving Hare”, “Captain Hareblower”, “Hare Trigger”, “Racketeer Rabbit”, “Acrobatty Bunny”, “The Heckling Hare”, “Bewithced Bunny”, “From Hare To Heir”, “Mad As A Mars Hare”, “The Grey Hounded Hare”, “Hare Do”, and in the Aussie’s case, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. All set to “The Barber of Seville” and “Hungarian Rhapsody Number 2” Which is the superior version? I can’t choose. Tell me what you think.

Personal Rating: 3

Hopefully you’re not too worn out of Bugs shorts. We’ll switch it up again next week.

Knighty Knight Bugs

“So DIS is da singing sword. Big deal.”

Directed by Friz Freleng

Well, it is now 2015. So let’s ring in the year with this. Bugs’ only oscar. Heck, he was only nominated for the award three times. (The first two were in the 40s) What did he win against anyway? (quick google search) Well, it did beat Disney and their very well told, “Paul Bunyan.” So I guess it’s okay. (But I still question what was wrong with those morons. Tom and Jerry, as funny as they are, did NOT deserve all the awards they won. 3 at the most.) This isn’t even Bug’s best short. (At least its more oscars then Mickey has… “Lend a Paw” is Pluto’s short.) Does that mean I hate it? No! If you thought that, please go hurt yourself. As for the rest of us, lets get on with it.                                                           King Arthur wants the singing sword which was stolen by the Black Knight. All of his knights refuse to go, as the Black Knight has a dragon. Bugs dances in, as he is the jester. He remarks that only a fool would retrieve it. Arthur agrees and sends Bugs off. (should’ve used better word choice) The Black Knight it turns out, is Sam. And he does indeed have a dragon, but the beast (word of god says his name is Gerry) let his fire go down. Which means he now has a cold. (Brilliant) They are both asleep and Bugs manages to take the sword very easily. Wondering why it has its title, he finds out as it begins emitting music in his hands. This wakes both the knight and the dragon who give chase Bugs escapes with them hot on his tail. (Gerry looks a bit horshish to me) Ducking into a hole, Bugs doubles back to the castle, and raises the drawbridge. (Dropping it on Sam when he demands he lower it) Sam tries a catapult, (with results similar to “Sahara Hare”) and throwing a rope and climbing it. (Bugs uses a hammer to smack him back down.) Later, seeing that the coast appears clear, Bugs sneaks out. Sam and Gerry turns out, were hiding but their position is given away when the creature sneezes. They chase again, and Bugs ends up locking them in a room full of explosives. Sam tells the dragon that if he sneezes, they’ll end up on the moon. As Bugs walks away, the entire tower blasts off. Waving goodbye, he marches off, a job well done. The sword playing “Aloha Oe” to see us off.

Personal Rating: 3

Sahara Hare

“Yoo-Hoo! Mr. A-rab!”

Directed by I. Freleng

Our short takes place in the Sahara. (nathch) Bugs tunnels into the big sandbox and leaps out excited. He believes he is at Miami Beach and happily runs off to find the surf. Not having any luck, he DOES come across the worlds smallest oasis. He decides he might as well try it and dives in. (ouch) Out of the desert comes Sam on a camel. Thankfully, it only has one hump. (make any comments about wednesday, and I will kill you and your family) Angered at the footprints all over his desert, he follows them. Bugs is bathing in the oasis that seems to have gotten bigger. He stumbles out looking for something to dry his face, as Sam forces his camel to stop. Bugs rips the sheet off of Sam’s hat and invokes his wrath. Here, his name is Riff-Raff Sam and he chases Bugs to an abandoned Foreign Legion outpost. Even though it has a gate, Bugs closes the door. (Which conviently becomes a drawbridge to drop on sams head) Sam tries to get in by pole vaulting (into a stone) chiseling a brick away (finds a cannon aimed at him), and an elephant (in the desert?) to break the door down. Bugs sends out a wind-up mouse which scares the pacyderm so much, that not only does it lose its tusks, but it uses Sam to bat at the rodent. Eventually, Sam finds the secret entrance inside. Surprise, surprise. There’s another door. He keeps opening doors to find doors. Bugs is putting them up. The mass of doors leads to a booby trap that will explode when the last one is open. As Bugs walks away, he wonders if Sam is really stubborn enough to open all the doors. One explosion later answers his question. Then of all people, Daffy pops out of the sand, happy to be at Miami Beach. (Ducks are well known for burrowing without rabbit’s help) Bugs tries to inform him of his mistake, ultimately deciding he can figure it out himself.

Personal Rating: 3

Southern Fried Rabbit

“Gotta burn my boots. They teched yankee soil.”

Directed by I. Freleng

The northern half of the country appears to be in some dry times as the whole area is desert. Since there is such little water, the carrots are thin and withered. Lucky for Bugs he finds a paper that announces of a record crop in Alabama. He happily sets off. After his journey he finds the border. (What contrast! Even the sky is different colors!) However, as soon he dares take one step across he is chased off by general (Yosemite) Sam. Apparently, General Lee told him to guard the line and not allow any Yanks to cross. (He must be really old.) Bug’s fact about the war being over for nearly 100 years does nothing to change Sam’s mind, and Bugs runs off. Later Sam sees “one of his boys.” Bugs in a disgusting racial sterotype blackface. (C’mon Bugs, you’re better than that) When Sam asks him to play a catchy toon on his banjo, he reveals himself by playing “Yankee Doodle.” Sam is angered and Bugs begins to plead not to be whipped. Now, it’s funny. (Because of Sam’s face, thank you. Bugs should really take the disguise off. I’m losing respect for him) He comes out as Lincoln and demands Sam put the whip away. (I’m no history buff, but wouldn’t a southern general shoot Abe?) Seeing Bug’s tail, Sam chases again. (Also Sam is bald in this short) Bugs hides in a tree and Sam tries to light a bomb to throw in. Bugs blows it out when he is near and when he is far. (Thanks to a straw) When Sam gets far enough away, it blows before he can reach the tree. Bug’s somehow warps to a tent and exits as “Brickwall Jackson.” He has Sam march to the edge of a well. Then he says “fall in.” SPLASH! The chase leads to a mansion where Sam finds Bugs in drag. (I give him credit for not being seduced, but instead focusing on his mission) Looking behind the door that the dame says hides no Yankee, Sam is blasted by a cannon. Then Bugs rides up on a horse. (He is getting really good at this teleporting) He tells Sam, that the Yankees are in Chattanooga. Sam leaves. We close on him holding the New York Yankees at gunpoint in the dugout.

Personal Rating: 3

Roman Legion-Hare

“I gotta find a victim to feed to the lions.”

Directed by Friz Freleng

In ancient Rome, (54 A.D.) everyone is eagerly headed to the colloseum to watch people be devoured by lions. (Aren’t people just wonderful?) Emperor Nero is angry to discover there are no more victims. He tells his capatain of the guard (Sam) to get one or be one. Same calls his troops and they go hunting. Enter Bugs, who thinks their march is a parade. When he tells Sam that he’s the only one around, Sam orders his men to catch him. Bugs easily trips them and they are never seen again. Sam chases Bugs in a chariot and passes him. (And flies out when the horse stops) Grabbing a club, he chases Bugs into the lion holding area. Sam is annoyed by a roaring lion, and clubs him to shut up. Bugs opens the gate between the two and Sam is pummeled. Chasing Bugs into another room, they find it’s the lions den. (So, why was that one all alone?) They tiptoe through, but Bugs lowers an alarm clock while Sam is still down there. He’s mauled. Sam finds Bugs on the other side of a lion pit and goes after him with stilts to be safe. Bugs hands the lions tools to dismantle the stilts. Sam is beaten and we actually see him lose his mask. Bugs tries to escape, but leaves through the door to the arena. Sam gleefullly shows the victim and the lions are released. Bugs is terrified, but he shouldn’t be. The lions go straight for the people who forced them to live in tiny, unsanitary, cages. Sam and Nero climb atop a pillar, but the lions chop it down piece by piece. As they lower towards their doom, Nero plays taps on a violin.

Personal Rating: 3

Looney Tunes: Back in Action! (Deleted Scenes and Final Thoughts)

Scene #1: An alternate opening. A Batman parody with Daffy as Batman and Elmer as some evil composer type character. He plays an organ robot that destroys the city. The citizens running include, Ralph Phillips, Hercules the construction worker, and Giovanni Jones. Porky and Speedy play the cops. Daffy easily stops Elmer, but the Warner Bros. stop him there, stating that he can’t kill Elmer. Daffy mentions that he comes back from the dead, and Elmer runs off crying.

Scene #2: A bunch of romance scenes involving Kate and D.J. the funniest being Bugs and Daffy pointing out their obvious attractions. (Daffy: “He likes long walks on the beach…” D.J.: “You just made that up” Bugs: “And she has a weakness for unemployed guys.” Daffy: “And he has a weakness for being unemployed.”)

Scene #3: A bunch of scenes at Area 52. Including Bug’s dressing up as a boxing referee, and getting two Daleks to fight each other, and D.J. feeding one of the fiends without a face to a triffid.

Scene #4: When Bob is taking Kate to the Eiffel Tower, D.J. is constantly buying paperweights and throwing them at Bob’s head

Scene # 5: Kate having more of a sense of humor. Telling the “impatient cow knock-knock joke” and playing hairdresser with Gossamer. (Why wasn’t he in this movie?)

Scene # 6: A scene showing what happens at ACME when you don’t push your buzzer. Mr. Chairman has you wrapped up in plastic wrap.

Scene #7: Final scene. Here the Blue Monkey apparently reverts something to a previous state. At the temple, D.J. has turned his dad into a monkey so he can get away. Mr. Chaiman rants about wanting to throw people into the lava. (Daffy holding the classic Screw ball sign) Bugs gets zapped and turns into Proto-Bugs. (Great gag) Daffy gets ahold of the diamond and accidentally turns Bugs and Kate into neanderthals. (Bug’s from “Mad as a Mars Hare”) Daffy accidentally aims at himself and becomes an egg. A whistle blows and Bob leaves his shift and actually talks. Mr. Chairman pulss Taz out of a bag to frighten our heros. (Bug’s chewing on Daffy) D.J. aims at Mr. Chairman who claims it will only make him smarter, because of being decended from geniuses. D.J. instead shoots Tweety who has been around this whole time. Mr. Chairman gets the diamond before realizing birds are decended from dinosaurs. A Tweety-dactyl (which is a PTEROSAUR) flies out and eats him, and Taz crumbles to bits.

Scene #8: Various Daffy scenes. Naming resturants he’s banned at, saying he has special needs, becoming part fly at Area 52, (thanks to Bugs) and various bits of him getting hurt at the temple. These deleted scenes are very fun to watch as Bugs and Daffy provide the commentary.

Final thoughts: I love this movie! It has action, heart, comedy, cartoons, a great villain, and I can watch it time and time again and not get bored. To me it is the best movie I ever saw. (And I can say it’s great because Ebert liked it. And if he liked it, then it’s good) Are there any parts I do hate? Well, yes. I still question Shaggy and Scooby being there, and I hate the part where Taz farts. A personal problem is that there is not enough Porky. But those are small complaints. Also depsite the fact it has two problems they are small ones. My second favorite movie 2011’s “The Muppets” has one problem that is huge. (What idiot deciding to put that no talent, emotionless, non-human, Selena Gomez in my Muppet Movie. (I hate her.) It’s a shame that this movie was a flop. But it was WB’s fault for not advertising enough. (Another fate that befell another criminally underated movie from them, “The Powerpuff Girls Movie”) If you’ve never seen this movie, then you really ought to. I don’t care who you are or what your preferences are, watch this film!

A fun little side note, you may or may not know this, but on the special features menu, you can higlight the water tower and find a scene of Sam blowing up. Great stuff.

Personal rating: Well, I hate to do this, but I’d probably have to give this film a 3 for the majority of people. It’s good, but I can’ see it converting anyone. Then again, if you are already a full-fledged Looney-tic, then all the cameos, in-jokes, and beautiful blending of live action and animation, earns this a 4. (If you’re me or my clone, then it’s a 5. And well deserved of that number.)